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Meet Jason Chesworth

“I love old homes. I grew up in them, they catch my eye during my travels, and simply put: I admire them – they speak to me.

And, by “old home”, I mean everything from a two-hundred-year-old farmhouse to a fifty-year-old ranch style bungalow. I’m fascinated by the systems installed and the decisions that get made by the various owners over the years. Of course, New Century will inspect a new home if you like, but our specialty is an old home.

New Century Home Inspection was born with this idea in mind: to empower homeowners through knowledge and to usher in a new era of home inspection.

In my 20+ years of experience in home renovation, remodelling and home improvement, I gained more than building experience; I learned that even when a building needs a frustrating amount of attention, it can still be the sweetest place on earth for the homeowner. And, I was raised to always be respectful when you’re invited into someone else’s home.

Knowledge doesn’t come about from fear; it comes from understanding. Confidence is built by knowing something thoroughly.

Every New Century Home Inspection includes Thermal Imaging, Radon Testing and RENO ASSIST.

And that’s how New Century Home Inspection sets itself apart from the rest.”

– Jason Chesworth
CEO, New Century Home Inspections Inc.

A Photographic Report Is Just The Beginning

At New Century, we understand that homeowners need a conversation that goes above and beyond a half-day visit and a report. We have developed our exclusive, RENO ASSIST, for homeowners who want answers from an experienced builder who won’t be attaching a quote or bid for service with their view of the space. We will come back, when you own the home, to discuss the implications of any defects that we discover, in greater detail than a one day inspection can allow.

We understand the need for a conversation.

There is no other home inspection company that offers this level of service.

We take our time. We only book one inspection per inspector, per day. This insures our ability to deliver an unparalleled level of service to our customers. We follow up and we make time. If you’re looking for a fast inspection with a quick report, we offer you every other home inspection company for your consideration.

Home inspections are not only a benefit for home buyers and sellers: they’re an even greater benefit to current homeowners. The current real estate market trend is to waive the right to an inspection in order to secure the deal. Fair enough. But, when you win the deal, you still need an inspection. You’re no wiser just because you won the deal. In fact, the wiser choice is to inspect the property you now own.

At New Century, we’re here to help you give your home the attention it deserves.

Welcome to the new era of home inspection.

We Offer Straightforward
Flat Fee Pricing On All Home Inspections