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Reno Assist


RENO ASSIST is an exclusive service, specifically designed for the residential home-owner who is seeking insight on any given component of their home and/or home improvement planning.

Mission: To empower home-owners through knowledge.

Disclaimer: RENO ASSIST is –

  • NOT a service provider for home maintenance and improvement
  • NOT a referral service for contractors
  • NOT a financial service
  • NOT a means of arbitration between a home owner and their contracted trades

Planning a renovation?

With 20 years of experience in the home renovation/improvement industry, we can confidently say that most older homes have experienced some questionable attention to detail over the years. Too many times, we’ve uncovered and addressed bad builds and countless safety hazards.

“I don’t want to spend much” is the mantra of many a home-owner and as such, the repairs and renovations of yesteryear often result in what we call, “suffering from deferred maintenance”. These issues are passed on for the next home-owners to contend with. Oftentimes, these issues are not easy for the untrained eye to spot.

We are certified Level 1 Thermographers and we bring our infrared cameras with us everywhere. A simple scan of your walls can save you a lot of stress by allowing you to plan properly in advance, as opposed to reacting to unfortunate discoveries of “unknowns”, mid-job.

We can help

To our knowledge, there is no another service out there quite like this. Whether you want to talk about remodelling a room right away or if you’re facing a repair a decade after you purchased your home, we’ll be there to help. Why limit the conversation to that tradesman or contractor who will be handing you a quote or a “free estimate” when you’ve finished talking? And, what is the difference between a quote and a “free estimate”, anyway? We can help. Do you want to talk about differences in materials with someone who isn’t trying to sell them to you? We can help.

Public Seminars

We’re so passionate about furthering the discussion about home inspection and what it means for the homeowner, we present public seminars on a variety of topics. Attending a free seminar is a great way to familiarize yourself with New Century’s approach to home inspection and get a taste of what RENO ASSIST could do for you. For information on our upcoming seminars, visit our calendar, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Presentations include:

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Inspection Radon Awareness
  • Radon Awareness
  • Thermal Imaging: Why It Matters
  • The Homeowner as the General Contractor

RENO ASSIST is offered as a stand alone service OR 2 hours included with every New Century Complete Home Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I use RENO ASSIST? Why wouldn’t I just call a few contractors instead?

A: Ideally, RENO ASSIST is a service that you would access before you call the contractors. Why? Because RENO ASSIST is an opportunity to discuss your project with an experienced contractor, who won’t be handing you a quote or an estimate at the end of the discussion.

The idea in using RENO ASSIST before you call the contractors, is to give you a fuller understanding of what processes you’ll need to undertake, and to prepare you for the conversations ahead. Oftentimes, home-owners are shocked (and therefore mistrusting) of contractors who describe necessary work that they had never even thought of. RENO ASSIST is meant to empower the home-owner through knowledge and hopefully reduce the “sticker shock” to prepare you for what would be considered a “reasonable price” for your plans.

Many times, as a contractor, I walked into jobs that were already in the demolition phase before the entire scope of work had been determined. These common situations have a high probability of inducing bad work and an avoidance of “best practices” which leads to poor installations and deficient renovations. RENO ASSIST is an opportunity to remedy this condition for the home owner.
Project specific inspections are included in RENO ASSIST.

Q: How do I access RENO ASSIST, and how much time can I book at once?

A: Simply call our office and make an appointment. In general, we book RENO ASSIST in 30 to 60 minute appointments, but if you have a specific request for more time, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Q: How quickly can I book an appointment?
A: We will make every effort to meet with you as soon as possible. RENO ASSIST consultations are scheduled around our home inspections, but since they are generally shorter than the average inspection, this allows us to make time every week to meet with you.
Q: Where and how can we meet?

A: We have a few options. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a phone call. Also, we can meet at your home, in our office or via FaceTime or Skype.

Q: Is it transferable?

A: No. One of the few limitations of this service is that it is only for the current homeowner.

Q: I would like to give the gift of RENO ASSIST to a relative/friend. How do I do this?

A: RENO ASSIST is available to be purchased as a gift, or as a stand-alone service on an hourly basis. Please call to purchase as a gift.

Q: I don't need RENO ASSIST. Can I have it removed from my home inspection package for a reduced fee?
A: We offer 2 complimentary hours of RENO ASSIST to our home inspection clients as a way to show how much value we place on your need for a conversation. We do not offer a reduction in fee if you feel that it isn’t a service that you require at this time. Even though you may not feel that you would benefit from our exclusive program right away, you just might change your mind down the road and find it to be of use.
Q: Is there any way to reduce the cost of the inspection?

A: First of all, we offer special rates for all existing clients. All prices listed are for new clients. As a rule though, we don’t negotiate our price. Our feeling is that you have your pick of fast and cheap home inspection companies out there to choose from. We offer something very different.

With regard to the price of a home inspection in general, and with regards to its place within the real estate transaction, it’s worth noting that the price of a New Century Home Standard Inspection averages around 0.07 – 0.14% of the average price of a home in the Greater Niagara Region. Or, 1/10th of 1%. Compare that against the average commission of a real estate agent. The services provided by a home inspector are as important as those of an agent when it comes to due diligence.

A proper home inspection is one of the most affordable services that you’ll ever hire for your home.