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Thermal Imaging

With thermal imaging, we can see conditions that are not apparent to the naked eye.

Through variations in temperature, we are able to identify moisture issues, roof and plumbing leaks, missing insulation, air infiltration and electrical overloads. The ability to identify these issues and anomalies are critical to our health and energy needs.

Anyone can buy a thermal camera, but understanding how they operate and how to interpret the image is specialized work that should only be carried out by a trained and certified professional. Even though you can have a lot of fun with an infrared camera, these cameras are not “point and shoot”. Look for certification when considering hiring a thermographer.

At New Century, your thermal imaging is done by a Level 1 Certified Thermographer. A detailed report is delivered and we discuss our findings with you and what options may be available.

Thermal imaging can be a considerable cost saving measure for renovations. Having an idea of what is going on with and behind your walls can help your renovation plans from a financial as well as a safety standpoint.

Every New Century Standard Home Inspection includes a thermal image report at no extra cost. We believe that the use of this technology is an essential service that should be a standard feature in every home inspection.