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Did you waive your right to a home inspection when you bought?

If you did, the good news is that you are now the owner and you can order a thorough inspection. If you’re considering waiving your right to an inspection on a house that you would like to buy, just remember that winning the bid doesn’t take away any of the maintenance that your house has in store for you.

New Century Home Inspections are performed to the exacting standards of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. Our inspections are insured and backed up with high quality photographic reports including FREE thermal imaging.

Our Standard Home Inspection also comes with a FREE long-term Radon test as well as, 2 hours of our exclusive RENO ASSIST service.

Mould inspection An inspection designto identify suspect microbialgrowth and investigatethe source of the problem. A comprehensive, full homeinspection which exceedsindustry standards.INCLUDES thermal imaging anda FREE long-term Radon test, as well as 2 hours of our exclusiveRENO ASSIST service. Thermal Imaging High quality photographic report Sample taking (viable & non-viable testing available) Certified lab results within72 hours from a leadingenvironmental testing firm Full home inspection Thermal Imaging FREE Long-term Radon test 2 hours of RENO ASSIST NEW CENTURY STANDARD HOME INSPECTION NEW CENTURY MOULD & IAQ INSPECTION High quality photographic report