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Flood & Water Damage

Do you have a musty smell coming from your basement or anywhere else that you can’t quite determine? Have you seen any suspected mould or microbial growth in your home?

Are you worried about black mould?

We can help.

The only way to determine if that black (or green, or yellow or white) stuff is mould or mildew is to:

Sample it and have a certified laboratory test it.

New Century offers both viable and non-viable methods of testing to identify suspected microbial

Non-viable Air & Direct Surface Samples

“Non-viable samples” are taken by an adhesive media examined directly under a microscope for enumeration and identification of mould spores and hyphal fragments without culturing.

The benefit of non-viable sampling is that since the samples do not require culturing, results can be obtained the same day that the samples were collected. One of the disadvantages is that majority of spores can only be identified to group level (genus).

Viable Air Samples

“Viable air samples” are taken on some growth media and subsequently incubated for mould propagules (spores and/or hyphal fragments) to germinate and form colonies.

The benefit of viable sampling is that the moulds can be identified to individual (species) level. The disadvantage is that it cannot detect dead spores yet these spores can still cause allergic reactions.

Call today for a sampling plan and a quote.

Same day and RUSH orders are available for time sensitive projects.

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